Office Roof Fundraiser

Suggested price: £50.00



Your Associations office is vital to the continuing fight to retake Westminster Council in 2026, to support your Local Councillors, and to advocate a strong Conservative voice for Westminster. In late December, during the period of heavy snow, our office roof finally gave up the ghost and severe leaking occurred which forced us to get the roofers in to renovate the roof after nearly a decade of neglect. As someone who has only been Chairman for six months, this is certainly not a situation I would have liked to inherit, it is a situation we face nonetheless. I would kindly ask for you to consider a donation, no matter how small, to help us plug the large gaping hole that has been left in both our finances and in our roof. When you donate to your Association it goes directly to us and not the national party, we will spend your money to only help Westminster North candidates and the preservation of our Westminster North Association office.


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