Join the Patrons’ Club (Individual Membership)

The WNCA Patrons’ Club is an exclusive club of members who generously donate more than £500 to the Association. Your donation is incredibly important. To say thank you will be invited to our exclusive (patron only) events at no charge and will be provided with complimentary tickets for all regular events.

Minimum price: £500.00



Membership of the Patrons’ Club is open to anyone who contributes £500 to WNCA. Being a Patron of the Association makes you one of our most important financial contributors. Your donation is essential for us to fight for Conservatives in Westminster North and Westminster City Council.

The WNCA Patrons’ Club aims to celebrate and thank those that provide the essential extra funds that we need to be effective. We are grateful for all those that contribute more and want to give them an additional thank you. As a token of our appreciation Members of the Patrons’ Club receive:

  • Two exclusive Patron only events with a Senior Conservative. These are small candid events held under Chatham House rules. They include one dinner and one other event (either another dinner or a drinks event). The full price of the events are included in your Patrons’ Club Membership.
  • Access-All ticket to WNCA drinks events. WNCA has a significant number of interesting events with individual events costing between £20 and £40 each. As a Patron you can go to these events without charge.
  • Our grateful thanks. (At least until next year!)

[Please note that our in-person events are on pause for the time being]

Membership lasts 12 months from the date of your contribution